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Ride Types

CRW offers a diverse range of ride types, catering to different levels of experience and interests. Understanding the options is crucial when selecting a ride, so make sure to choose a type that suits your riding style and equipment.

Adventure Rides πŸŒ„

Adventure Rides are self-supported single or multi-day trips that start at less traveled destinations. These rides may include gravel/bike trails or roads, but single track is discouraged. CRW Leaders will guide these rides, which are no-drop rides. Participants will be responsible for their own expenses and registration is required. SAG services may be offered at the Leader's discretion. You must have permission from the Adventure coordinator to lead these rides.

Centuries πŸ’―

CRW organizes Century Rides twice a year in the spring and fall, with distances of 100, 62, and 50 miles. These fully supported rides are organized by over 50 volunteers and include rest stops, port-o-potties, police details, and more. The Centuries Committee coordinates these rides, and prior registration is required.

Devo Rides πŸ’ͺ🏽

The Devo (Development) program focuses on performance-oriented virtual and In Real World (IRL) events that aim to enhance road cycling fitness, disciplines, techniques, and skills. Each season has a specific theme such as climbing or improving your power output. Devo rides include challenging rides climbing iconic mountains throughout New England, recurring time trial rides, virtual rides, and participation in organized events such as B2VT and Crank the Kanc.

Diversity Rides πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

The Diversity Committee is committed to making CRW more inclusive by creating rides that are welcoming to people of all backgrounds. In 2021, the committee planned two themed rides, a Marshall “Major” Taylor ride, and a Kittie Knox Ride. Additionally, the committee is exploring opportunities to host several rides starting in or near Boston.

Led Rides πŸ”—

Led Rides are typical CRW weekday or weekend rides led by one or more Leaders at a specified pace. Leaders can be in the front or another rider in the front setting the pace, and human arrows can help with navigation. A sweep is typically included on these rides, and ride leaders are encouraged to be explicit about leading at specified paces.

Gravel Rides 🚡🏽 

Gravel Rides are all about fun on mixed terrain, including gravel roads, double track, or rail trails with surfaces that are primarily stone dust, packed dirt, or other soft materials. These rides avoid single track, bike portage, roots, and rocks, and mountain bikes are not required. Wide 32 – 35 mm tires will be most suitable.

Hub Rides πŸ›ž

Hub Rides regularly start at the same location and time, and multiple routes are available to accommodate all riders. These rides provide opportunities for members to socialize with other nearby cyclists and have the confidence that they will have other people with whom to ride.

Recurring Rides πŸ”

Recurring Rides are those that run on a regular schedule, either weekly or monthly. Most follow the same route each time, though some vary the route and start location from week to week. Some recurring rides are led by Leaders, using human arrows to ensure no one is dropped, and have a sweep. Others are Show and Go.

Show and Go Rides πŸ—ΊοΈ

Show and Go Rides are the traditional style of CRW rides, published in the club calendar. Members assemble, listen to a safety talk, and then follow a GPS route on their own or with friends. Riders can go at their own pace.

Women's/Nonbinary Rides 🚺

The Women's/Nonbinary Program's goal is to invite more women, nonbinary, and female-identifying folks onto the road, foster connection with other women in the club, and act as an on-ramp to other co-ed areas of the club. The program offers monthly, themed, no-drop weekend rides as well as weekly social and developmental rides.

Choosing the right ride type can enhance your cycling experience, and CRW offers a diverse range of rides to cater to different levels of experience and interests. Check out our ride calendar to find a ride that suits you!

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