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2023 Spring Century

2023-05-22 11:44 AM | Anonymous

By Eli Post

Mark Nardone and Erik Dentremont contributed to this article.

CRW’s 2023 North to New Hampshire Century may be in the history books, but it lives on as a memorable day for those who rode in the event. This was the Club’s first fully supported Spring Century since COVID and was heralded by one of the best weather days we could have hoped for in a New England May!

The routes on North to New Hampshire are a long-time CRW favorite for a century event. They begin at the Wakefield High School heading north to NH and back, and winding though some of NH's more scenic roads. And it’s relatively flat so ideal for an early spring century when many riders are just returning to the road. Each ride provided refreshing drinks at rest stops along the route, with food and refreshments at the finish. CRW riders enjoyed a post ride party hosted by Hearth Pizzeria with many options for all dietary needs.

The route has earned loyal fans over the years that enjoy the lovely stretches of country roads on the North Shore and in southern New Hampshire. Here are some of the comments:

“Rode the CRW spring (half) century ride with buddies Ed Edward Cheng, Doug Douglas Bajgot, Eric Wilkins, and a few new friends. Here we are at the half way point rest stop. Great half century today! Thanks for joining us, Ed!” John O’Dowd

“Thanks to the organizers, volunteers and ride leaders.  It was a lot of fun!” Ed Chang

Rode with the 15mph group. The group pulled me along the whole way! First event ride of the season! Marianne Eybye

Felt great!! Aside from my lower back tightening up I feel like I should have done the metric. Hermin Miranda

CRW - N to NH, It was Felix's first big ride, and he did great! Vern Spinner

As always, the success of the event was due to our wonderful, dedicated volunteers. Time and time again, our volunteers selflessly donate their passion for cycling by supporting our membership, and making the event possible. The only ones who are fully aware how much effort it takes to run a century are the ones who actually put it together. And it’s a catch 22, the smoother it goes, the less people realize how difficult it is. So we have no other recourse but to congratulate ourselves for a job well done.

The Stats:

262 riders set off to complete the 50, 63, and 100 mile routes. 

There were 4 unable to complete due to mechanical issues. 

Multiple led groups rolled out between 7 and 9am. 

Last rider completed her 100 miles just after 4pm. 

The riders appreciated the 25 mile rest stop and dug in to the many refreshments available. There was special interest in smothering a bagel with peanut butter, jam and/or Nutella. All left over food was donated to the Red Cross and other charitable organizations in our area.

This year we did something a little different to make the Century rides more memorable. We created a 3 medal series to go with each event, by themselves the medals are great, together they connect to something special. Collect all three and proudly display your achievement for the 2023 Century Series.

Did you miss the event? You can still register for a virtual option and complete the course or a similar distance within the month to earn your medal.

The riders found innovative ways to wear/display their awards.

The Spring Century has about 4,100 feet of climb, making it a relatively easy ride. If you need more of a challenge try the Climb to the Clouds century in July 2023.

As we said, the volunteers made this event possible, and we thank them all.

Volunteers May 13th
ROLES Pick up Supplies Name
Coordinators Event Day CONTACT Mark Nardone
coordinator Erik Dentremont
Ride Leader John O'dowd
prez Ed Cheng
Porta Johns

The Shed Portable Santitation

SudBury distribution Saturday Friday Joel Bauman
62 Goodman's Hill Road
Sudbury MA 01776

Erik Dentremont
10 AM - 4PM Rest Stop Org Nina Siegel
Sudbury returns Monday 10 - 2 Joel Bauman

Check-In / Registration Wakefield Tech HS

Mel Prenovitz
60 Farm Street Wakefield MA Francie Sparks
7AM- 9:30AM Stanley Kay
Richard Vignoni
Mechanical Support
Wakefield HS Trek Cambridge

Robbe Smith | Store Manager

Wakefield HS Velo Bikes Gunther
Food & Supplies Costco Harriet Fell
Fruit John Allen
Bagels Barry Nelson
Linda Nelson
Rest Stops
Shanahan Park
423 Main Street Groveland MA Eil Post
8AM-Noon Pick up Harriet Fell
Lynne O'Riorden
Ken Weber
Pick up Bill Aldrich
American Legion Park
20 Pentucket Ave Georgetown MA Pick up Marie Keutmann
9:30 AM - 2PM Pick up Penny Leslie
Keeley Gammon
Pick up person Tim Wilson
Rosalie Blum
Kate Strauchan
Jim Evans
Sawyer Park Kennsington NH Pick up Barbara Jacobs
24 Trundlebed Lane Pick up Ted Nyder
9:30 AM - 2PM Pick up person Nina Siegel
Pick up Maureen Feibiger
After rider party Pizza Harriet Fell
11:30 - 5:30 Pizza Jack Donahue
Pizza Ken Weber
Awards Mark Nardone
Pizza Megan Scully
Monday Clean up Clean Up and Return Erik D'Entremont
Hearth Pizzeria - Delivery 200 Pizzas, 20 Salads Ivan Pucelio
Ride Leaders 100 Martin Hayes
100 jennifer Allen
100 Lindy King
100 Megan Scully
Mike Barry
50 Clyde Kessel
50 John Odowd
62 Larry K
62 Karen Hamel
Sag Wagon Mark Nardone
James White
Sweeps Susan Grieb
Jack Donahue
Registration Lists Erik D'Entremont
car signs Parking Lisa Najavitis


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    • 2023-05-30 11:03 PM | Ted Meyer
      Thanks to all the volunteers! Your positive vibes go a long way!
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  • 2023-06-20 11:47 AM | Sean Taylor
    (Belated) thank you to all of the volunteers. My first century ride in 30+ years and I had a great time, thanks to your efforts.
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