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Looking Back 20 Years

2023-11-22 11:34 AM | Anonymous

By Eli Post

It was just a weekend ride, but so popular that it became a very successfull fall century, which lasted many years up to the present day. At the Cranberry Harvest Ride we had more “thank you” and “great ride” and “beautiful route” comments then we can recall in quite a while. The ride was on roads that are not common for CRW with gorgeous landscape full of cranberry bogs, lakes, farms, woods, and the flattest terraine in southern MA.

The ride was developed and orchestrated by Bob Wolf who emphasized that he could not have done this alone. In the spirit of “it takes a village” there was input and effort from well over a dozen folks in the CRW community. The area was new to the club and there were multiple scouting missions to work out and fine tune the routes including checking out the various food and rest stops.

The ride has become a CRW Classic.

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