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CRW Has A New President for 2024

2023-11-27 6:20 PM | Anonymous

By WheelPeople Editors

Randolph Williams is an enthusiastic and dedicated cyclist with a passion for promoting diversity and inclusion within the cycling community. As President-Elect of Charles River Wheelers (CRW), he is poised to bring his leadership skills, innovative spirit, and unwavering commitment to equity to the organization. 

Having begun his cycling journey 20+ years ago, Randolph continues to find joy in the physical challenge, the mental focus, and the camaraderie that cycling offers. As a dedicated PMC rider for the past 8 years, he has impressively raised over $70k to fight cancer. His love for long-distance riding is evident in his frequent cycling trips from home to Montreal and back. 

As President-Elect of CRW, Williams envisions a future where cycling truly reflects the rich diversity of the community it serves. He aims to foster an inclusive environment where all cyclists feel valued and empowered to pursue their passion for the sport. His leadership extends to his role as co-founder along with Lisa Najavits and president of the New England Cycling Coalition for Diversity (NECCD), a group advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in biking. 

Beyond his cycling endeavors, Williams is a successful and respected technology transformation professional with over 25 years at Fidelity Investments. In the past year, he applied his skills to completely overhaul the club's website. This endeavor not only modernized the online presence of CRW but also improved user experience, making cycling resources and club information more accessible to a broader audience. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation have earned him a reputation as a trusted, respected leader with a collaborative approach and ability to inspire others.

When not on the bike or immersed in his professional pursuits, Williams finds fulfillment in traveling, roller skating, and watching sci-fi films with his wife Lisa, and daughter Sierra. Randolph and his family reside in Winchester.

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