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2024-05-30 2:31 PM | Anonymous

By Barbara Jacobs

The Bike Thursday Ride series is a weekly ride that runs between May and October for cyclists that enjoy riding at a slower pace of 10-12.5 mph. The routes are usually in the western suburbs, but could be in other areas. All rides are scenic, usually on low traveled roads. Bike Thursday is a very social ride that includes a picnic lunch at or near the start location. Sometimes there are stores available to purchase food, other times we bring lunch and hang out together. 

The rides are between 20-25 miles and take 2+ hours. At the start we break up into 3 groups of 10-14 riders each. 

Bike Thursday is a "led ride". There is always a ride leader (approved by CRW) and a sweep (chosen from the group of riders) for each group, and "human arrows" are used to help keep the group together.  

People often wonder why there a limit of 36 participants (including leaders) on Bike Thursday rides. Since we break into 3 groups of riders based on average speed (ranging from 10 to 12+ mph overall), we have 3 volunteer leaders each take out a group of 10-14 people. We have found that this is a safe and enjoyable group size for these rides.

Here is the ride grouping for each Bike Thursday ride:

  • Group 1: riders between 12-13 mph overall
  • Group 2: riders between 11-12 mph overall
  • Group 3: riders between 10-11 mph overall

Parking is another reason there is a limit to the number of riders.  Some of the places we park at are public which is great if they have a lot of parking spaces. In other cases we get permission from a store, church, or school to park in their lots. It is best not to overwhelm these parking lots with lots of cars.

If the ride is already full when you attempt to register you can add yourself to the waitlist. If there are cancellations, people on the waitlist will be added to the ride in the order that they signed up.

People often ask where the ride starts. In the weekly ride description the city/town that the ride starts in is listed. Once you register for the ride, you will receive a "confirmation email" from Charles River Wheelers. This email will provide you with the ride start location and the Ride with GPS route link.  

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